DP-6037 3 Tier Salon Trolleys For Sale

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It's perfect if you have a piece of auxiliary furniture with great performance in your beauty salon or clinic. Salon trolley cart with simple design coming inroads allows for big possibilities and serves as the primary assistant of hair, aesthetics, or beauty salons. If your salon is tight on space and has not enough room to place the items such as nursing products and tools, but the salon trolley cart has a solution.

Our beauty salon trolley makes the articles such as various skincare products, as well as cleaning small washbasins and other items easy to tuck away and place in order when in use or not in use. For those on a budget who need a salon trolley that is accessible and affordable, go for this DP-6037 3 Tier beauty trolley. Its noise-free castors, smooth movement, and functionality are what a nice trolley should have.


1. With a light plug: The plastic cover on the top can be changed with the one with stainless steel pipe inside for the lamp, the position of the lamp holder is as customer requirement.

2. Frosted glass tray: It assembles easily and is graceful. A customized logo on the glass is acceptable.

3. Oversized storage space: The salon trolley with oversized storage space can store devices and accessories and is easy to disassemble.

4. Hairdressing trolley on wheels: PU Casters are made of high-quality ABS material medical casters.

5. Endless scopes of use

6. High room for maneuverability, high resistance, and durability

Standard dimension:

1. Full dimension: 59*43*81cm

2. Dimension for each glass: 54*40cm

3. With one lamp holder

4. Can be added with maximum 2 drawers

5. Noise-free medical castors

6. Optional colors: black and white hairdressing trolley

The basic salon trolley for sale with a simple design and exceptional functionality makes it an item of ideal auxiliary furniture in beauty and hair salons. It comes with drawers that will allow you to place your nursing products and tools and help to save your space as well. Thanks to its nimble-sliding wheels, the trolly cart can be transported wherever you need. Check our website for more styles of beauty trolleys.




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