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Precautions for Cleaning and Disinfection

* Please unplug the power cord before cleaning.*

In order to keep the surface of the beauty bed in good condition, please clean it regularly. Keep in mind that the bed needs to be cleaned and disinfected before applying to different users. A thorough disinfection per month is recommended.

I Metal and plastic surface

Clean metal and plastic surface and hand controls with wet cloth or weak alkaline cleaning solution. And use small brushes in corners and other difficult-reaching places. When cleaning, rinse with clean water and dry carefully. Do not use too much liquid or disinfectant (alcohol or chlorine) and follow the instructions of the disinfectant manufacturer, then evaporate and dry the bed at room temperature.

II. Stainless steel surface

The surface is highly chemical resistant, which needs to be cleaned with mild detergent solution. Ammonia and most solvents can be used to remove stains that are difficult to dye. Avoid using chlorinated solutions or chrome plating on metal surface;

Make sure that all surfaces are dry before connecting to the main power supply and using equipment,

Do not use water spray (shower, high pressure water gun) for cleaning;

Do not clean under high temperature and high air humidity. Do not expose the equipment to the environment that may lead to liquid pollution.

Do not use solvent for cleaning; do not use acid for cleaning;

Sterilization wears away the surface. After disinfection, please clean the surface with a clean wet towel.

III Bed surface

Please use clean soft towel to wipe the bed surface, with special leather detergent to wipe evenly. And then use clean soft towel to wipe it clean again. Do not touch the bed surface with wet cloth, hard or acid or alkaline chemicals, so as to avoid affecting the surface quality and service life.