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  • 4.Maintenance and Maintenance Measures.


* Before maintenance, make sure to unplug the power cord and confirm that the function is off*

① Read the instructions carefully

② Experienced and manufacturer-authorized personnel is required for maintenance. Maintenance by unauthorized personnel may cause injury or damage to equipment that the manufacturer is not responsible for.

③ Only original fittings proved by the manufacturer are allowed.

④Do not use the beauty bed or its fittings If it does not function properly, Please unplug the power cord first and use the safety switch and then contact the after-sales department.

⑤All maintenance and repair operations must be recorded.

Maintenance measures

Check the control, its wiring ,the status and functions once a week.

The following fittings need to be checked at least every six months:

  1. Power cord and its fixing
  2. Motor wiring
  3. Control box and its wiring
  4. fittings are attached and fixed

5.Normal operation of locking system

6.Complete all adjustments and ensure that the beauty bed works properly

If you find any defects, please stop using the equipment. Please contact after-sales department if you find it making noise or malfunctions. Only experienced or authorized personnel can open or replace the actuator/control unit.

If some fittings of the equipment are damaged, please remove the power cord and stop using the equipment. Inform the after-sale department to ensure that all parts are properly placed after any maintenance measures.