The warranty period is within the agreed period unless there are any other agreement . Manufacturing materials and motors are guaranteed for three years, vulnerable fittings (power lines) are guaranteed for one year.

Warranty Conditions: Warranty is valid only when the warranty requirement is provided together with the original invoice or sales order or (order) confirmation.

The product is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of CE standards. If the product needs to be adjusted to meet other local/ national technical or safety standards, it is not considered to have material or process defects.

This warranty does not include any of the following conditions:

1.Damage due to normal wear during daily use and maintenance,replacement or changing fittings during the periodic inspection

2.Damage caused from transporting, disassembling or installing products

3.Misusing, including failure to use the product in accordance with the guidelines or incorrect installation

4.Natural disasters (lightning, floods, fires) and damage caused by war, public interference, abnormal power supply voltage or any other elements which beyond control

5.Damage done by chemicals ,liquids, or any hazardous substance that may affect the product

6.The slight defects and deviations of the product that do not affect the value or function of the product can be neglected.

The following operations must be performed when making a warranty claim.

First of all, please contact after-sales department and describe the problem (with photos or videos) and inform them of the product and purchase time. Our technicians will help figure out defects and faults and usually provide solutions by telephone or e-mail. If the warranty service is needed, the product should be returned to the provider or factory. We will bear the costs of material/spare fittings and labor, as well as the refund cost accordingly, and offer the appropriate solution.

If the bed is replaced with unauthorized fittings, warranty service is not valid! (repairs by unauthorized persons or inexperienced persons, and these maintenance measures lead to product failures, or the use of incorrect detergents for cleaning lead to product defects, or failure to perform regular maintenance in accordance with the instructions will also be regarded as invalidation of the warranty.)

After-sales telephone: 86-0757-86905468