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Portable Massage Bed for Sale: U.S. Warehouse Delivery, Clearance Sale, Enjoy 50% OFF !

The final clearance sale of a portable massage bed is coming. From 1st July to 31st July, you will enjoy up to 50% off the original price on selected best-selling combination items of the portable folding massage table and related salon furniture. And the promotional products will be shipped from our overseas warehouse in the U.S.

The clearance offers are as follows:

Combination Promotion 1: Wooden massage therapy table + adjustable beauty stool


Combination Promotion 2: Aluminum folding massage table+ mobile beauty trolley


Combination Promotion 3: Aluminum facial table + lightweight massage bed


Combination Promotion 4: Wooden portable massage bed + mobile beauty trolley


About Portable folding massage bed: as the name suggests, it can be folded up. The folding lightweight massage bed is convenient to carry, which solves the problem of insufficient space in family and massage place. In addition, the height and length of DONGPIN folding massage beds can be automatically adjusted, which can fully meet the requirements of people with different heights in a certain range, so that people can feel more comfortable lying on them and relax their bodies comprehensively.

A portable massage bed/table is suitable for therapists who offer home service or travel for work. Tattoo studios or spa lounges will also need this furniture. There is not much space? Folded furniture is what you need.

About us: Guangdong DongPin Is A High-Tech Enterprises Company Who Provides Beauty And Physiotherapy Furniture From Design To Sell. We have 18 years ODM/OEM export experience since 2002. Dongpin is proud to be exporting the beauty bed, massage table/bed, pedicure chair, manicure table, salon stool/chair, beauty trolley, etc. with good quality and price to the world.

The combination promotion price of a portable massage bed for sale will be up to 50% off the original price and is more cost-effective. Seats are limited, U.S. Warehouse delivery, grab this special offer until it ends! For more details, please contact customer service immediately.

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