Looking for the expert massage table supplier?

If you are considering opening a massage therapy clinic or offering this service at your existing clinic or beauty salon, the massage therapy bed you choose is incredibly important, not only for you but also for your customers. However, the market is overwhelmed by the massage table suppliers and massage bed sale. It is difficult to find and recognize the differences among them, and you’ll bear in mind a range of worries and problems before you buy and use a massage therapy bed.

It is very important to choose a professional massage table manufacturer. WHY??

No matter you buy from overseas or domestic, it’s important to choose the massage bed manufacturer with a good reputation which can guarantee the product quality and you will be also beneficial from its warranty. A good reputation manufacturer means you will get clear usage guidelines and great after-sale technical support. And that’s why DONGPIN BEAUTY come in!

Why Dongpin can stand out from the numerous competitors?

In this PR you can find out the answer to the question, why DONGPIN is the best massage table supplier?

What we have?

-18 years ODM/OEM export experience since 2002.

With years of experience in this industry, we understand what our clients searching for. Our electric massage tables and folding massage tables are highly appreciated by the clients for their appealing working and astounding completing guidelines.

- Experienced team

Under the heading of our team experts, we are celebrating our success in the market. From design to sell, our experienced team of product designers who will develop CAD drawings as per the business place.

-Efficient production line & advanced production equipment

We manufacture massage table with the complete set of advanced production equipment, such as laser cutting machine, robot welding machine, CNC machine. With 30+ types of advanced equipment, we are confident to do OEM business with customers.

-Strict quality control

With 9 precision test instruments (large professional testing lab), our quality control inspectors make the strict quality control throughout the whole production from incoming material to assembly.

-Various functions of massage table

Every customer has unique need. Some may need chiropractic services, while others may need rehab and physiotherapy, or seek pain relief through massage therapy. Our comprehensive massage table,with ability to offer treatment in either lying or sitting, makes it adaptable to many types of customers.

Final Words

Finding a professional massage table supplier is not a task to be taken lightly before buying. So, which type of massage table you are looking for? Welcome to contact us! You will be in good hands with DONGPIN for discussing the options for your MASSAGE BED.




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