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What’s the Composition and function of Lightweight Portable Massage Bed

Beauty couches and Lightweight Portable Massage Beds are an essential part of the beauty and spa experience, which are designed to promote relaxation and provide health support.

There is a Chinese proverb that the body is the capital of the revolution. With the development of society and the acceleration of life rhythm, sub-health has become a major public enemy of human health. Relaxing the body and mind and paying attention to the maintenance of the body has become a major pursuit of the busy people in their spare time. At the same time, the market is also gradually filled with a variety of health equipment, such as massage beds that are conducive to our health. There are many kinds of beauty equipment for sale, one of which is a folding portable aluminum massage bed--- a lightweight portable beauty bed. It is composed of many accessories. Today, DONGPIN BEAUTY will explain the composition and details & functions of folding massage bed.

(1)Composition of Aluminum Folding Beauty Bed

The folding massage bed is mainly composed of a head pillow, hand rest, couch breather hole, PVC leather surface, handle, footpad, wire rope, side armrest, and other accessories.

(2)Details & Functions of Foldable Massage Bed

1.Material Selection

In order to ensure the comfort and soft, the surface adopts PVC leather material. The underframe is made of aluminum, which is light but strong. And it uses high-density sponges, which has strong resilience.

2. The armrest is detachable;

3.the headrest and hand rest is detachable and adjustable;

4.The Height adjustable is about 61-82 cm;

5.Adjust rotatable nut, the headrest can be tilted.

6. Overall lifting. Adjust rotatable nut, the bed can be raised and lowered.

7. Foldable for easy handling and storage.

A lightweight portable massage bed/table is also suitable for therapists who offer home service or travel for work. Tattoo studios or spa lounges will also need this furniture. There is not much space? Folded furniture is what you need.

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