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  • 2.Cosmetic Bed Warning and Precautions

Cosmetic bed use precautions


1.The headrest cannot support the full weight of an adult;
2. Do not jump directly onto the beauty bed.
3.Do not sit directly on the head and legs.
4. Do not operate the beauty bed near flammable gas.
5. Before rising or lowering the bed, please check whether there are obstacles above and under the bed.
6. Do not overload;
7. Make sure the socket can be reached in 2 meters.


1. For security please do connect the power to the socket.
2. To avoid pulling the power cord while lifting, do not tie the power cord to the equipment. Meanwhile please make sure that the power cord can be easily disassembled in case of an emergency.
3. Before moving the beauty bed, be sure to remove the power cord to avoid getting stuck among spare parts of the bed.
4. If the power cord is damaged, unplug the power cord immediately and stop using the bed, please contact the after-sales service in time for manufacturer’s power cord.