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Notice when receiving the goods

We pack our products with cardboard boxes of 10-layer paper in total, which can provide good protection for your products. We strongly recommend that you keep the original packaging for future use, especially for returns during the warranty period.

For your safety, two people are needed to lift the beauty bed out. When lifting it out, one person stands on the head of the bed while another person stands on the end of it.

Remember that it can only be lifted from its head and end, not from both sides of the armrest.

Please check if the package is intact or undamaged during transportation before using it. If any problem occurs please inform the transportation company or after-sales personnel within 2 days after receiving the good.

Make sure that all fittings are complete at the time of delivery. If any spare parts missing please contact the after-sales department in time.

The bed should be used in a normal and dry environment where temperature is between + 10° – 40° and the relative humidity is between 30° – 75°. If any possibility that the beauty bed will be exposed under a temperature below 0°, please adjust the indoor temperature to the appropriate room temperature for at least 5 hours before using.

Please learn the following instructions before using:

(1) make sure all packaging materials have been removed.

(2) make sure the beauty bed can move up and down freely.

(3) make sure the bed is placed where it is needed.

(4) make sure the bed is connected to power with matching voltage.

Kind reminder! Children or inexperienced people can not use the beauty bed. Please read the instructions first. Children shall be kept away from playing around the bed. For security, please lock the beauty bed and unplug the power while not supervised .