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Beauty salon furniture custom-beauty bed series

Beauty salon furniture custom-beauty bed series

The beauty salon storefront is the first line of defense to make customers confident in you. Therefore, the positioning of the beauty salon storefront is inseparable from the positioning of the beauty salon brand. The customer's first impression of entering the beauty salon directly affects the customer's evaluation of the beauty salon. If you can leave a good first impression on the customer, then the customer will not refuse to communicate with the beautician, and the transaction can be concluded more easily. On the contrary, leaving a relatively low rating to the customer will hinder the entire communication process.

The tone of the beauty salon should be mainly bright and textured, and should match the internal style and company AI. For large beauty salons, spacious spaces can be used to reflect the atmosphere and sense of luxury. For the beauty salon, the furniture is fresh, and the aisle is mainly green, which can reflect beauty and health.

There are many phenomena in the beauty salon by region. For large beauty salons, the partitions can be specially shaped to reflect the special style of the beauty salon. As for the front desk of a small beauty salon, the bar and other areas are separated as little as possible, if necessary, you can consider using transparent glass.

The beauty bed in the beauty salon is the most important part, which can enable customers to get a better experience. The pillows on the beauty bed must be comfortable and soft. The worst experience is a beauty bed that numbs the back of the brain after a short sleep. Choose Dongping's electric beauty bed. The pillow is made of high-elastic sponge to protect the customer's head. Using the electric lift beauty bed, customers can lie on the bed and directly adjust the height of the bed without shaking. Recommended for large beauty salons.

Small beauty salons can use folding beauty beds, which are easy to store and cost-effective. The load bearing can reach 200kg.


For large beauty salons, beautiful lighting vision can highlight the atmosphere of the space, it is recommended to use single-tone lighting. The lighting of the small space of the small beauty salon should be the main lighting and the main lighting. The main lamps are mainly simple ceiling lamps, supplemented by table lamps, wall lamps and spotlights. In order to emphasize the function and level of the lamp, you can cross-use different light source effects.

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