3 Best Electric Massage Bed for Sale of 2020

The best electric massage bed for sale is a kind of health care and relaxation equipment which is often used in beauty salon,spa, clinic, and other places, and it is the most common one in today's health care and relaxation equipment, which is the best choice for relaxation. The best electric massage table has the function of relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation, especially suitable for fatigue people and those who can’t seem to find the time for exercise because of busy schedules. If you wish to experience magical healing powers, then you can browse through our list of top 3 best massage beauty tables for 2020. In addition, we have other beauty equipment for sale, if you are interested, you can contact us.

DP-8394 Electric Beauty Bed (Four Motor)

If you get yourself lie down in this adjustable massage table, you will find that it is very comfortable and it comes with adjustable heights, back, leg,seat & armrest. Besides, the height control, leg adjustment, seat inclining, and back adjustment electrically is via hand control. Other than this, the product has 4 noise-free electric motors, one for the back, one for the leg, one for the overall lifting, and one for the overall tilting, and the angle is fully adjusted automatically.

DP-8337 Hydraulic Beauty Bed For Beauty Salon

This product is popular among hydraulic massage tables and is quite common in salons and spas. The backrest can be manually adjusted and the operation is simple. It is equipped with plastic plates for placing massage tools. The cover of this product is made from the PU leather which meets the human skin soft and comfortable, and high-density foam with high rebound & good toughness.

DP-BM2723 Aluminum Folding Beauty Bed

This is yet another stylish product from our list of best body massage bed for sale. As the name suggests, the folding massage bed can be folded and are easy to take away. It is very portable and lightweight, which suitable for therapists who offer home service or travel for work. Tattoo studios or spa lounges will also need this furniture. The headrest and hand rest is detachable and adjustable. The overall structure of the Dongpin Portable Massage Table with high strength steel wire makes the product extremely sturdy and stable!

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