Guangdong Dongpin Beauty Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. grundades i 2002 och är en professionell tillverkare dedikerad till skönhetsutrustning och ODM-program. Fabriksskala på 20 000㎡, 4 huvudsakliga automatiska produktionslinjer, med kvalitetskontrollinspektörer genom hela produktionen från inkommande material till montering.

DongPin Beauty & Medical Technology is a beauty supplier offering premium-quality of beauty equipment. Our ranges of products include Chinese Electric Beauty Bed, Salon Bed, Salon Trolley Cart, Spa Bed, Esthetician Bed, Pedicure Spa Chair, Hydraulic Massage Table, Electric Massage Beds, Salon Table and Manicure Stool made in China.

Buy beauty equipment from Dongpin Beauty Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

All our beauty products are manufactured with exclusive innovations. The modern design and quality assurance give us a frame in supplying the top quality products. We are designing the beauty products according to the needs of our clients.

Send us your requirement, and we will supply the one that fits all your needs.

We are a team of expert manufacturers and suppliers. From the initial phase of manufacturing to the completion of the product, we maintain all the quality standards. Our team of expert professionals manages and checks each step of manufacturing, designing, and fulfillment.

Spa & Beauty products

We are offering custom Elektrisk skönhetssäng, Salon Bed, and Spa Bed in bulk for our clients all over China.

Wellness equipment

Completely furnished and fine-looking wellness beauty equipment from DongPin Beauty& Medical is offering guaranteed spa gears. We are offering you one of the unique qualities of wellness spas.

Manicure Stool/ Pedicure Spa Chair

You can buy the Pedicure Spa Chair and Manicure Stool in bulk. Get an exclusive manicure and pedicure spa chair made with quality standards.

Electric Massage Beds

Electric Massage Beds at DongPin Beauty& Medical are expressly made to use for massaging.