Types of saddle chairs

The saddle chair is mainly divided into a single-piece saddle chair / integral saddle chair / two-flap split saddle chair.
Single piece saddle chair

The first type is a one-piece type. This type of saddle chair has a strong three-dimensional effect. The seat surface is integrated and has a certain ergonomic structure.
If you take a closer look, it doesn't look like a bicycle seat. This is an ordinary model that is relatively cheap and has a flexible seat surface, which is suitable for sitting for 1-2 hours. To be honest, this style can't adjust the adaptability, individual differences are very large, and not every one is suitable. I have experience in ergonomic chair purchase and I know that the experience will not be too good. Ergonomics must be adjusted to It can be called ergonomics if it fits perfectly to the figure. It almost doesn't work. This kind of suggestion is not a long time sitting position, but ... the chair is not needed for a long time.
Integral saddle chair
The second type is an integrated saddle chair. The saddle chair has a double-flap design that better fits the curve of the human hip, giving stronger support to the hips and thighs, and the front is hollow. This design is suitable for both men and women. It can effectively keep the ventilation and dryness of the reproductive organs, reduce stress, and the price is moderate.
Two-flap split saddle chair
The third type is a two-lobe split saddle chair. The two flaps of this saddle seat are movable, and the comfort is the same as the second one. The structure is also divided into a slightly rocking and comfortable section to adapt to different people. Most of them The seat is covered with leather-covered sponge.
To sum up, a good saddle chair has the following characteristics:
Two-lobe split seat with adjustable fit, which is an ergonomic improvement, which can be well adapted to various groups of people.
The material of the seat surface is better than leather. Of course, the better PU leather is also good, with high resilience soft sponge to improve leg comfort.
The micro-shake structure, the main function of the micro-shake structure is to allow the body to swing to a certain extent. As mentioned above, muscles will be strained for a long time when they are stressed. The micro-shake structure provides space for shaking and twisting from time to time. The waist can have a good muscle relaxation effect, and it can also change the sitting position within a certain range.