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Things to know about nail art as a nail equipment supplier

How to maintain after nail art?
1. Strengthen the maintenance of finger edges
After manicure, you will find that your nails and finger edges are often dry, and horny skin will start to grow around your nails, so it is recommended that you wipe your finger oil and nail nutrition oil after nail art!
2. Change your hand habits
After manicure, everyone needs to change the force habit of fingers in life. Try not to use the fingertips to force directly, use "finger belly" to do things, otherwise the nails will easily break.

3. Wear gloves when doing housework
After manicure, it is best for everyone to wear gloves during housework. This can effectively avoid the yellowing and discoloration of nails with household chemicals containing alkaline chemicals.
4.Cleaning of nails
Generally, nail controllers have long nails, and the finger core under the leading edge of the nail is easy to hide dirt, so everyone should pay special attention to the cleaning of nails. It is best to use a toothbrush to clean the finger core every night when washing your face.
5. Remove nails every 2-3 weeks
Because nails need to be "rested", it is recommended that you do not enter the endless cycle of "nail art-nail removal". It is recommended that you can go to the nail shop to remove nails after 2-3 weeks after the nail, and then rest-after a period of time, continue the nail industry!
The above is the content of how to maintain the nails!