Structure and function of electric beauty bed

Structure of electric beauty bed:
The electric beauty bed generally uses an electric push rod installed between two steel pipes of the X-shaped component, which can be lifted and lowered, and the height and angle can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs; the sliding groove is provided with adjustable feet and steering wheels that can be adjusted for use. You can also adjust the position and angle of the bed and fix it arbitrarily. The adjustment mechanism includes a face pillow support or support adjustment mechanism, a headrest and a foldable armrest or a support adjustment mechanism, a headrest, a foldable armrest, and a neck pillow to make the human body more comfortable; the adjustment switch or handle can be used to control the lifting of the electric bed And folds with multiple functions.

Functions of electric beauty bed:
In addition to the functions of electric lift, electric backrest and leg angle adjustment, some newly developed high-end electric beauty beds have added electric kneading massage, electric vibration massage, music vibration massage, bed heating, bed body Glow and other functions.