Acrylic Perspex Shield
Acrylic Perspex Shield
Acrylic Perspex Shield
Acrylic Perspex Shield
Acrylic Perspex Shield
Acrylic Perspex Shield

Clear Acrylic Cashier Checkout Shield Barrier

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Acrylic Plexiglass Shields Clear Shield For Counters

Product parameters:
Height: 45 inches (about 3 feet) high from top to bottom. The height above the installation surface depends on the installation height.
Width: 1 standard width: 38 inches (about 3 feet)
MOQ: 100 pieces, the size can be customized.

The role of the product:
1. This transparent plexiglass cashier shield acts as a physical barrier and helps maintain social distance. It can be installed on the checkout counter of the store, POS checkout area or customer service counter.
When the beauty salon is using nails, it uses transparent acrylic baffles to effectively block the spread of droplets and protect customers and themselves.
2. Does not include installation hardware. Use screws or hardware suitable for your installation needs.
3. Including a through-hole cutout, as a passageway for goods and payment
4. The barrier layer is made of durable acrylic material, covering a large area, which can provide safe isolation between customers and employees.
5. If you need to cover more areas, please consider installing multiple units side by side.

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