DP-8030 Electric beauty bed  (one motor)
DP-8030 Electric beauty bed  (one motor)
DP-8030 Electric beauty bed  (one motor)
DP-8030 Electric beauty bed  (one motor)
DP-8030 Electric beauty bed (one motor)

The new product Physiotherapy massage bed DP-8030.

The simple massage therapy bed is a popular bed at present. This bed also has many unique advantages. It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also easy to use, so it is also loved by many consumers.

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DP-8030 Electric beauty bed (one motor)

What is the price of the DP-8030 simple massage therapy bed?

As the manufacturing industry continues to grow and expand, there will be different grades and brands of physiotherapy beds in the market. In order to cater to the general public's love, Dongpin New has launched a cost-effective physiotherapy bed product. So what is the price of Dongpin’s new physiotherapy bed? Let's first understand the structure of the bed and then reveal the price to everyone.

The appearance and structure of the DP-8030:

1.The beauty bed consists of a bed surface, a hardware frame and a motor and hand control.

2.The bed surface is divided into pillows, head and tail.

3.The hardware frame is composed of the upper frame, the lower frame, the upper and lower frame connection, the pedal, the punch and the stainless steel round tube.

4.The soft leather surface can be waterproof, anti-stain and anti-corrosion.

Advantages of the DP-8030:


In the case that the overall shape of the volume is unchanged, we have achieved a length of 179 cm on the surface of the bed. The length is suitable for general adults and will not cause discomfort to the experience. Although it is a simple massage bed, the maximum limit of weight bearing during use is 200KG.

2.Simple operation.

The backrest lifting operation uses a word of the hinged track to reduce the cost and time of customer operation and enhance the customer's experience of the product.

What is the price of the DP-8030 simple massage therapy bed? The physiotherapy bed that combines so many advantages and functions is only about $299. The specific selling price is priced according to the configuration. If you have any questions, please contact the back office. About the price of a simple massage physiotherapy bed and the advantages of simple massage therapy are introduced.

Our factory


1.ڇا توھان ھڪڙو ٺاھيندڙ آھيو?

اي: ها. اسان سان گڏ ٺاهيندڙ آهيون 15 سالن جو تجربو,Foshan ۾ واقع آهي,چائنا.

2.مصنوعات جي معيار جي ضمانت, توهان ڇا ڪندا آهيو?

اي: اسان کي آهي 8 پيشه ورانه معيار انسپيڪٽر پيڪنگ کان اڳ اسان جي سڀني شين جي اعلي معيار کي يقيني بڻائڻ لاء.

تشخيص کان پوء, پراڊڪٽ کي چڱي طرح صاف ڪيو ويندو ۽ پيڪنگ ڪرڻ کان اڳ صاف ڪيو ويندو.

3.ڇا قيمت سستي ٿي سگهي ٿي?

اي: ها. هڪ خاص رقم پهچي وئي آهي ۽ قيمت وڌيڪ سازگار آهي. فوري طور تي پنهنجي سيلز صلاحڪار سان رابطو ڪريو.

4.ڇا توهان ڪسٽمائيز آرڊر قبول ڪري سگهو ٿا? OEM يا ODM حڪم?

اي: ها. اسان ڪري سگهون ٿا. ڪسٽمائيز آرڊر هميشه ڀليڪار آهن, انهي سان گڏ OEM ۽ ODM.

5.ڇا آمريڪا جي اوورسيز گودام ۾ هڪ جڳهه آهي?

ها. ڪجهه پراڊڪٽس ٽيڪساس ۾ هڪ ننڍڙي فهرست آهي, آمريڪا. جيڪڏھن توھان خريد ڪرڻ ۾ دلچسپي رکو ٿا, مهرباني ڪري جلد کان جلد سيلز صلاحڪار سان رابطو ڪريو.

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