DP-8294 Electric beauty bed  (three motor)
DP-8294 Electric beauty bed  (three motor)
DP-8294 Electric beauty bed  (three motor)
DP-8294 Electric beauty bed  (three motor)
DP-8294 Electric beauty bed (three motor)

Electrical 4 Motor Podiatry Chair, Dental Aesthetic Reclining Chair.

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DP-8294 Electric beauty bed (three motor)

DongPin provides beauty facial beds in multiple styles and functions. Come pick the right one for your studio/clinic!

Electric beds come with noise-free motors granted with 3 years warranty. Non-electric beds are designed for simple and convenient operation so that every user can get started easily.


1.Height adjustable 60-85 cm

2.Seat width 62cm

3.Full length 190cm

4.Back adjustable 0-75°

5.Legs adjustable 0-60°


Standard specification:

1.With 3 electric motors, CE certified

2.Height control, leg adjustment and back adjustment electrically via a hand control

3.Detachable armrests and pillow

4.Weight capacity: 150kg


Product detail picture:

Other additional options:
A.Foot control available
B.Towel rail available
C.Optional upholstery colors

DP-8294 and DP-8394 are the same series, then the difference between them:

1.The 8294 armrest cannot be rotated, and the 8394 armrest can rotate at an angle of 0-75°.

2.8294 head fixed can not stretch, 8394 head can stretch and the height of the headrest.

3.8294 seats can not be tilted, 8394 seats can tilt 0-10°

Summary: DP-8294 price is real, good quality, cost-effective. It is the best choice for junior beauty salon entrepreneurs who are not very demanding on electric beauty beds.

The DP-8394 is fully functional, of good quality, and a high-end luxury beauty bed for budget-rich, high-standard professional beauty salons.


1.Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes. We are a manufacturer with 15 years experience,located in Foshan,چائنا.

2.Guarantee product quality, what do you do?

A: We have 8 professional quality inspector to ensure the high quality of all our products before packing.

After detection, the product will be thoroughly wiped and cleaned before packing.

3.Can the price be cheaper?

A: YES. A certain amount is reached and the price is more favorable. Contact your sales consultant right away.

4.Can you accept customized orders? OEM or ODM orders?

A: Yes. We can. Customized orders are always welcomed, as well as OEM and ODM.

5.Is there a spot in the US overseas warehouse?

Yes. Some products have a small inventory in Texas, USA. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact the sales consultant as soon as possible.

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DongPin Beauty& Medical is one of the professional manufacturers & suppliers of Electric Beauty Bed . Now you can get the rich designing experience buying our beauty bed. We are supplying Electric Beauty Bed at affordable prices.

Features of Electric Beauty Bed

  1. Unique design,
  2. Comfortable to use
  3. Easy to handle and install
  4. high quality
  5. reasonable price

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