LQ018-D19 Body hair removal
LQ018-D19 Body hair removal
LQ018-D19 Body hair removal
LQ018-D19 Body hair removal
LQ018-D19 Body hair removal
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body hair removal LQ018-D19

With Selective pyrolysis and thermal effect principle, IPL Intense Pulsed Light produces a high intensity flash of filtered light from the applicator head, which has been placed in contact with the skin. The energy from the light source is absorbed by the pigment melanin, which is the chromophore, which gives hair its color. the hair rapidly absorbs this filtered light and transfers it to the surrounding cells that in turn are converted into heat. The heating denatures the cells making them incapable of producing further hair growth.

Commodity parameters

Type: Laser
Current: 3A
Input voltage: 12v
Size: 205*70*51 mm
Net weight: About 213g
Q-Switch: Yes
Style: Portable
Material: ABS
Energy: 5 levels
LCD Screen: Yes
Laser Type: CO2 Laser
Certification: CE/Rosh
Color: White, black, red
Feature: Hair Removal, Hair Removal
Application: For Commercial & Home Use


1) Updated Chip, Israel Technology Chip;

2) Quartz Light

3) Blu-ray Glasses, protect from radiation;

4) Imported Quartz Head.

How to use?

Step 1: Shave and clean the treated area;

Step 2: Wear the goggles to avoid the IPL light stimulating eyes;

Step 3: Choose suitable energy level ;

Step 4: Handpiece touches treated areas vertically,and treat the areas by turns .don't repeat and omit;

Step 5: Treat on the staring areas and repeat the step 4 for 2-3 times ;

Step 6: Apply anti-hair cream after treatment;

Step 7: Power off and use wet cotton swab to clean treatment window ;

Step 8: Put device and accessories into packing box and store in safe place.


1.Can I get samples before ordering in bulk?

Answer: Yes, it is available from stock.

2.How to pay for the sample? delivery time?

Answer: T / T or Western Union, just choose the product that suits you best. We always have stock in stock and we can deliver within 1-3 working days

3.Are you in the factory? Can you make a beauty device as I wish?

A: Yes, we are the original factory with our own R & D team. Under ISO9001 system, we can provide OEM and ODM.

4.What is the delivery time for OEM orders?

A: 15-25 working days after confirming the order details.

5.Is there Chinese in your package? How do I put a logo on my product and packaging?

A: We ensure 100% English version. Yes, we can do silk screen or bronzing there, just contact us for more details.

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