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Principles of beauty equipment purchase in beauty salons

Electric beauty bed is a commonly used device nowadays. Although automatic beauty bed has advantages in price and is relatively stable, most beauty salon operators still advocate using electric beauty bed. It should also be noted that although some beauty beds that are considered luxury products will have three to four motors and the bed has heating functions, according to statistics, more and more beauty salon operators will A beauty bed with a motor (to adjust the height), because it does not cause damage to the back. A good beauty bed should also be equipped with a top-quality cushion, which can be cleaned and disinfected separately, and must be ergonomic, so that customers can comfortably lie on it to receive the services of a beautician, and You will not be disturbed at work. If the beauty bed is unusable for some reason, you should find a way as soon as possible so that you can continue to provide your service. In addition, before purchasing these equipment, be sure to ask questions about after-sales service, maintenance, and parts delivery.
Comfortable working posture
In the selection of work chairs, the first thing to pay attention to is whether the style of the chair and the material of the cushion are good. Chairs equipped with rollers are more convenient when working. The work chair with adjustable backrest, its height and slope can be adjusted according to the needs of the beautician. There is nothing worse than sitting on an uncomfortable chair eight hours a day and hurting the spine, so these are all options Attention should be paid to the work chair, these details must not be ignored for the sake of cheap or save trouble.
The size, color, design style of the beauty work chair and whether it can be matched with the beauty salon can be determined according to each person's different hobbies and habits. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether the selected style is consistent with the grade of the beauty salon, whether the style is too exaggerated, whether the color will cause discomfort to the guests, and so on.

Magnifying lamp and facial sprayer
The magnifying lights in beauty salons should be set according to different purposes, such as the main diagnosis before skin care, image magnification during fine care (such as cleaning, hair removal, or foot care), and other work area lighting. Different magnifications should be used. Light, and for image enlargement, many beauticians currently prefer to use magnifying glasses.
When choosing a magnifying lamp, you should pay attention to the color of the light, whether the care part has become hot or distorted, and its production quality and stability (whether it is installed on the wall, beauty work table or on the instrument). It must be very sturdy, otherwise it will likely hit customers and cause unnecessary injury and trouble.
The facial sprayer is also an indispensable device for beauty salons. The skin keratin makes our skin almost no chance to directly absorb most of the medicines. The blood supply function, absorption and permeability of the skin will be greatly improved in a warm environment. Makes skin more effective in absorbing cosmetic agents. Depending on the customer's preference and the experience of the beautician, in addition to water vapor, ether oils, herbs or ozone can be added. There are also sprayers designed for left-handed people. When using a facial sprayer, the arm of the beautician is placed not on the sides of the instrument, but on the back. Experienced beauticians usually do not buy facial sprayers with very simple functions. After all, a sprayer often has to work for hours. If it is often damaged, long-term repairs, noise, irregular steam, copper edges, The nozzle will drip water or the temperature of the water vapor is too high to burn the customer, which will cause great trouble to the normal operation of the beauty salon, so you should not save money in an inappropriate place.
Multifunctional beauty equipment
The operators of beauty salons often choose beauty equipment with more functions and multiple uses of one machine. This can save the next part of the funds and save a lot of space. When choosing such a multifunctional instrument, you should pay attention to whether the instrument is easy to disassemble, and you must also check whether the design and furnishing of the beauty salon are comfortable, and whether the magnifying lamps, sprays, decorations, etc. of the bottles are properly placed. An instrument with many functions must have a high usage rate and a relatively high probability of damage, so we must pay attention to whether its after-sales service and maintenance are complete.
Before purchasing any beauty instrument, be sure to ask whether the instrument is accompanied by a certificate of origin, whether the certificate of origin and the official statement of origin given by the manufacturer are included in the instrument for your future reference, and you must know whether the instrument has after-sales service , Repair time, whether to provide instrument accessories or spare parts for backup, etc.