What Is a Pipeless Pedicure Chair?

In modern salon and spa industries, it’s always easy to find a pipeless pedicure chair. For the ones who want to do pedicure service, a pipeless pedicure chair is essential because it highly saves your cleaning time, space, money, and far more sanitary than the traditional piped jet chairs.

What Do Pipeless Pedicure Chairs Mean?

What Do Pipeless Pedicure Chairs Mean

Pipeless pedicure chairs mean the whirlpool jet does not need any pipes to take water out from one side of the bowl and to the other side like traditional piped jet pedicure chairs.

For the old fashioned pedicure chairs, it’s necessary to spend a lot of time cleaning out the pipes between every use and therefore it’s easier to be trapped with bacteria infection. However, for the pipeless pedicure chairs, to have a water basin, bowl or recipient is enough.

How Do They Work?

How Does Pipeless Pedicure Chair Work

The working principle for the pipeless pedicure chairs is easy and it’s just like small underwater fans. The pipeless pedicure chair sits on the bowl and creates a jet-stream for customers’ feet and the only pipe is used for hooking up the spa to water to fill the bowl and a drain to empty the water.

What Are the Benefits?


It’s scary and disastrous for a salon if a traditional piped pedicure chair is improperly cleaned and caused hygiene problems and cross infection between customers. Therefore, the easy and convenient pipeless pedicure chairs are becoming more and more popular among this industry and you don’t need to clean and brush those numerous pipes. All you have to do is just three steps: take off the removable jet, sanitize it and finally put it back on.

It’s far less likely for your next customer to get infected through contamination of the chair’s water system by the dead skin cells and bacteria than old fashioned piped pedicure chairs.

Less Maintenance

Because of fewer pipes, it means fewer leaks, clogs, and maintenance problems. The water never leaves the bowl which means fewer service calls and does not need to try to find the moving parts.

Time Saving

Without pipes and plumbing, you don’t need to spend extra time on installing drainage or water supply. The only thing you need to do is to fill the basin in the sink as fast as you can and then throw the dirty water in the same sink after the treatment. All the steps only require a few minutes!

Space Saving

Pipeless pedicure chairs tend to be portable and convenient with wheels at the bottom so they are easy to be moved around.

Money Saving

Less maintenance means fewer money costs. You don’t need to hire contractors and don’t need complicated work which can damage the equipment, all you need is to buy your pipeless pedicure chairs and provide the same comfort with less money.


It’s annoying for a salon to have whirring noises which can cause a bad experience for customers because it’s not relaxing at all. Thanks to pipeless pedicure chairs, they are far quieter because they don’t need any noisy pumps pushing water through pipes.

Nowadays, salons basically all use modern pipeless pedicure chairs due to their features and benefits to take place of the traditional ones to create a more sanitary and comfortable service for clients. Choose the suitable pipeless pedicure chairs, easier, quieter, more convenient, time saving, space saving, money saving, and more importantly, more sanitary. So why not choose it?

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