Multifunctional Salon equipment at Affordable Rates from Dong Pin

Спа кревет , Salon Trolley Cart,

Dong Pin is a prominent manufacturer of beauty, saloon, and Physiotherapy Furniture. We design a beautiful Спа кревет that is cosy and comfortable. Our manufactured units are built with quality materials that are durable and stiff. They provide a pleasing look to the eyes and gives comfort to the customers.

We manufacture our product by doing deep research and development on the product that is why we are demanding in this industry. Our customers have given a lot of love to us because of our quality services and exceptional beauty products. We provides a wide selection of high-end, reasonable salon apparatus and furniture to fit the requirements of your salon.

We manufacture several products, including Salon Trolley Cart, beauty bed, massage bed, pedicure chair, spray machine, shampoo massage chair, and many more beauty treatment products. Our primary goal is to provide a complete solution for the saloons. We are the leading sellers of salon kit and salon furniture across the country.

We are providing OEM/ODM facilities for the customers since 2002, and we give 36 months warranty on our products. From design to sell, we are the experts in this market, which is possible because of the combined efforts of our team, including managers, sales team, production team, and many more. Connect with our representatives to get your order done with us.

Електричен кревет за убавина | Portable massage table | Nail tech table | Pedicure Spa Chair | Medical Procedure Chair