June 2020

  • Happy Chinese New Year 2021

    Chinese New Year is here! New Year is a traditional Chinese holiday, so all employees of the company have a 14-day holiday. On the occasion of this new year, on behalf of all DongPin employees, I wish you all: The Year of the Ox is healthy, happy and wealthy! World…
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  • Features of the Best Manicure Table

    As getting manicure becomes ubiquitous in modern’s society, a growing list of nail salons have been emerging to fit the needs of doing manicure. Whether you are a freshman thinking about operating a nail shop, or already have nail salon and are considering replacing it with the new nail technician…
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  • Portable Massage Tables for Sale

    Fandriana fanorana, also known as lightweight portable massage table, is recommended to be used at home or when traveling. As its name suggests, it can be folded up, and what’s more, is easy to carry due to the features of light weight. Thanks to its portable and foldable features, it…
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  • Torohevitra mividy: Amidy am-pandriana Spa avy any DONGPIN

    Facial bed for salon is indispensable, Izy io dia afaka manatanteraka ny fitsaboana ao anatin'izany fa tsy voafetra amin'ny fametahana, depilation, manicure, pedicure sy ny sisa. Hahafaly ny olona ny fampiononana, ary manjary manafoana sy miala sasatra ao amin'ny spa / salon, ary maro hafa. Tsy maninona na ivon-toerana hatsaran-tarehy na spa na salon, in addition to…
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  • Six Benefits of Using Pipeless Pedicure Chair

    Do you run a beauty salon or a clinic or a spa? Are you considering replacing your existing lineup of pedicure spa chair and equipped with a new well-balanced one? Or maybe you first move into the business mentioned above, and look for the opportunity of success? At any rate,
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