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Massage bed manufacturing process and customizable parts

Material process:

(1) First use splint to make the bed surface, the product is durable.

(2) Paste and shape with high-quality sponge, high-quality high-elastic sponge is guaranteed not to deform.

(3) Finally, cut high-quality fabrics and sew them into sleeves. After sewing, the sleeves will be put on to complete the finished product.

Changeable content:

(1) Color is optional: the color of the bed surface of the massage bed is multi-color, and guests can choose it in our same series of styles.

(2) Optional fabrics: The massage bed fabrics are available in environmentally friendly leather, western leather, imitation leather, flannel, cotton and linen synthetic fabric, etc. It is recommended to use leather or tarps.

(3) The size can be changed: the size of the massage bed can be changed arbitrarily long or short.