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China Professional OEM/ODM Quality Manicure Table Manufacturer!!

Founded in 2002, Guangdong Dongpin Beauty Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an OEM / ODM high-quality salon furniture manufacturer dedicated to various stylish manicure tables and beauty equipment to sale, with 18 years of production experience. We have a Factory scale of 20,000㎡, 4 main automatic production lines, and quality control inspectors throughout the whole production from incoming material to assembly.

This DP-3107 nail table is a double manicure table with two storage brackets in the middle for storing colorful nail polish. For decoration, customers can also find and choose their favorite colors. Professional double manicure table with exhaust device, modern design, it is suitable for 2 clients/manicurist. Besides, the manicure table can be matched with a sneeze guard to keep safety distance!

The advantages of DP-3107 manicure desk

(1) Multi-layer storage drawer---6 drawers-enough space for all nail products needed for nails;

(2) It can be equipped with a built-in exhaust, including 2 wrist rests;

(3) Unique appearance, style and function supplement, and space;

(4) The manicure table is easy to take care of, not easy to color, and has a beautiful appearance;

(5) The drawer can be locked;

(6)With hand pad, display rack, power fan suction, etc.

Find the best manicure tables for your salon at Guangdong Dongpin Beauty. It is time to mix and match to create some instant glam to your nail shop! Add an extra fashion to your space with our new manicure nail desk, which comes in different patterns, perfect to refresh your interior!!! In addition to the manicure table, Guangdong Dongpin Beauty has also mainly run other beauty and physiotherapy equipment, such as a beauty massage table/ bed, facial bed/table, pedicure chair, beauty trolley, beauty salon stool/chair, face scrub brush, and other personal care instruments. Factory Direct! Quality Assurance! Welcome to consult and order!!!

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