Laser Hair Removal Guide

There are various methods of hair removal, such as beeswax, blades, etc. and after finishing it requires a lot of aftercare, good moisturization and the like, the most important thing is that each time after the hair removal is completed, it grows back a few weeks later, and it is very repeated. Annoying. So, I just want to find a way to permanent hair removal.

The beeswax hair removal can be cleaned, which is a very smooth feeling, but the problem is that it is really painful. The speed of growth is not so fast, but it will eventually grow back. This method is a disaster for sensitive muscles, don't try it easily.

With the blade, there is no pain, but it grows super fast, and it is prone to redness and tingling. It is possible that the hair will grow into the meat. Anyway, it will start to feel uncomfortable in a few days.

Laser hair removal will also be subdivided into freezing point, laser, pulse hair removal and the like according to different methods and machines. But laser hair removal is not done in one time, basically it takes 5-6 times before it feels significantly reduced. The first time I used ice-point depilation to remove the underarms, I really found that after a few weeks, the hair became very soft and light, but unfortunately, I started to grow black hair after using the blade. After three times now, it has grown very slowly.

How is laser hair removal done?
Unlike other hair removal methods (such as beeswax, blades, hair removal or sugar removal), laser hair removal is a specialized treatment that can help permanently remove excess hair (which is not possible by other methods). If you encounter an experienced beautician, use the correct equipment and precautions, the laser damage to the skin is also controllable (almost negligible).

The principle of laser hair removal is to use a laser method for dark hair to completely destroy the hair follicles and prevent hair from growing out. The light energy of the laser is converted into heat energy, and then this heat will indirectly damage the hair growth cells. These cells are very close to the pigment cells in the hair, causing the hair to fall out and no longer grow back. Because the laser targets the pigment, it is the most successful for people with dark hair and light skin, so that the laser can quickly identify it. Because the laser is only aimed at the hair color, not the color of our skin, it may burn the skin.
It is not suitable for laser hair removal for people with light skin color and light hair color, or dark skin color and dark hair color, because the laser has no way to accurately target the hair.

What to prepare before hair removal
One preparation you need to do is to use the blade to shave the hair you want to remove. The first 24 hours is best. For example, the area where I am removing hair is under the armpit. I will repair it in advance. Once again, but overgrown grass will require a beautician to spend longer time to remove hair, and I personally feel very embarrassed.
Shaving the hair on the surface of the skin can reduce the probability of skin being scalded by the laser, and the beautician can see the hair follicle clearly enough to allow them to scan the laser to this position more accurately. Just wash yourself before going to epilation. Never use beeswax for epilation or plucking.

What is the hair removal process?
Everyone is more concerned about whether it will hurt, but the answer is yes. There is another, but this is nothing compared to beeswax, because this operation is very fast, so you do n’t have to feel the pain, and the pain feels like a hot rubber band is bouncing you.
My tolerance is not bad, so I think the pain is acceptable, but the threshold of each person is different, so the experience will be different, but in any case he will be better than beeswax hair removal Easier to bear.
The duration of the entire process depends on the size of your hair removal site. For example, some people may remove lip hair in less than a minute. If it is a limb, it may take 30-40 minutes. What I took off was that the whole process of the underarms may take less than ten minutes. I also have time to watch it, but it feels faster.

What should I pay attention to after hair removal? How long will it take effect?
After the laser, there is no special care. There is no special care that affects the life level. If there is tingling or redness, you can apply hydrogenated ointment for a few days. Avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours.
The effect can be seen on the spot, but it will continue to grow in a few weeks, but it is slow and thin, so do n’t worry. Hair below the neck usually needs to be scheduled for hair removal again after 45 days. After 6 treatments, hair can generally be reduced by 75%, or permanent hair removal.