Disposable dust cloth shoe cover
Disposable dust cloth shoe cover
Copriscarpe monouso in panno antipolvere
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Copriscarpe monouso antipolvere non tessuto

Product Parameters

Nome: Disposable shoe cover
Materiale: 32gsm PP non woven
Feature: Hand made, anti-slip
Dimensione: 19*46centimetro
Colore: Blue
MOQ: 11,000pcs
Sample: Free samples

In the non-hazardous environment, it can prevent dust, dirt and some dry particles.

Polypropylene non-woven fabric, breathable, comfortable and durable.

Ideal for hot springs, travel, hospitals, outdoor activities and aseptic conditions.

There is a size. The length is 15.8 inches and the total width (left and right) is 6 pollici. Our shoe covers can fit the adult shoe sizes of US No. 11 men and US No. 12.5 women.

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