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Is The Hair Removal Device Harmful To The Body?

Is the hair removal device harmful to the body?
The hair removal instrument itself does not do much harm to the body,
However, if not handled properly, it can also cause skin damage.
So, what should we pay attention to when using the epilator?

The hair removal device itself does not cause much harm to the body, but if it is improperly operated, it will also have a certain impact. In addition, the skin damage will be relatively large.
Therefore, it is recommended to strictly follow the operation requirements of the instructions when using the hair removal instrument. Or choose to go to a regular medical beauty institution for hair removal. This can avoid damage to the skin, but also can increase the effect of hair removal.

What should be paid attention to when using hair removal instrument
1. Shave in advance
The hair of the epidermis needs to be shaved off the day before using the hair removal device, otherwise the light of the hair removal device cannot hit the root of the hair follicle, which will directly affect the hair removal effect, and there will be a difficulty in burning the hair when using the hair removal device Smell the smell.
2. Vertical skin
When using the hair removal device, be sure to align the light outlet with the part to be removed, and vertically adhere to the skin. If it is not completely tight or not vertical enough, it will cause light leakage and damage the eyes.
3. Avoid duplication
When using the hair removal device, it must not be repeatedly irradiated on the same site for many times. This will cause skin damage, which may cause erythema or blisters.

Can I take a shower after using the epilator
There are some taboos to take a bath after depilation. After the depilation is complete, the skin accumulates heat. It is best to take a bath later. The temperature should not exceed 50 ° C to take a bath with warm water. Remember not to use shower gels, skin care products, etc. that contain alcohol-sensitive photosensitizers.