Spray machine
  • Electric mini hospital disinfection sprayer
      Disinfection electrostatic sprayer Power Supply 220V50Hz Medicine box capacity 7L Spray distance 6-8M Motor power 600-1000 watts (Controlled by smart version) Power cord length 6M Spray volume 400ml / min (Adjustable) Fog particles less than or equal to 50 microns (Adjustable)     1. Flexible hose. Scalable…
  • Disinfection electrostatic sprayer
      Disinfection electrostatic sprayer
  • Disinfection Smoke Fog Machine Atomizer
     Technical Parameters: Power supply: 220V50Hz / 110V60HZ Motor power: 600-1000W (automatically controlled by smart board) Power cord length: 5 meters Net weight: 3.7 kg Medicine box capacity: 7 liters Spray volume (adjustable): 400 ml / min Fog particle diameter (adjustable): less than or equal to 50 microns Range: 6-8
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