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  • Šamponska masažna stolica
Šamponska masažna stolica
  • DP-601 Šamponska masažna stolica
    DP-601 Shampoo massage chair Acrylic plastic shell, moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion, noble atmosphere, strong sense of advanced Solid and durable, scratch-resistant, more durable and easier to clean than the leather surface. The built-in LCD console has a strong sense of technology and highlights the effect of smart furniture, koji je…
  • DP-503 Shampoo massage chair
    DP-503 Shampoo massage chair Fashionable appearance, a model that most high-end hair salons will choose. Open hand airbag design, the pressing effect is more comfortable, and the experience of manual massage is more. The whole bed has eight airbags, fully automatic massage, high-tech console, full intelligent and simple control.  ...
  • DP-502 Shampoo massage chair
    Shampoo massage chair DP-502 Luxurious big bed, suitable for high-end and noble hair salons, health and hair care clubs, and can highlight the taste and level of clubs. The whole bed has eight airbags, fully automatic massage mode, strong sense of technology in the console, and simple and clear operation.…
  • DP-501 Shampoo massage chair
    Shampoo massage chair DP-501 It is practical and does not take up space, and the overall length is only 190CM, suitable for hair salons with little space. The appearance is fashionable and versatile. The whole bed has eight airbags, automatic massage, intuitive console and easy operation.   Parametri proizvoda: Product…
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