How to choose the right beauty bed?

Which beauty bed is best? What skills do beauty salons have when choosing beauty beds? As we all know, the beauty industry is now vigorously advocating a differentiated path, in addition to reflecting the characteristics of the brands it operates, but also to improve customer satisfaction. The beauty bed is an indispensable and important tool for beauty salons. It is not only related to the service quality of beauty salons, but also affects the overall beauty of beauty salons. So, how should a beauty salon choose the right beauty bed?

1. Specifications of beauty bed

The beauty bed in the beauty salon is generally a very common plate bed. Its conventional size is 190 * 70 * 65cm. Why is this the standard size of a beauty bed? First, the specifications of the beauty bed should meet the average height requirements of consumers. Second, the specifications of the beauty bed should be customized according to the service operation of the beautician. Of course, consumers at different levels also have different needs. If high-end beauty salons want to make the beauty bed look atmospheric, they generally choose a multi-functional beauty bed with a larger size. New beauty beds with various functions and sizes are also available Merchants provide multiple options.

2. Beauty bed with different functions

Electric beauty bed. It is characterized by a comfortable and delicate feel. The mattress material is generally made of high-density sponge, which has moderate elasticity and allows customers to lie down more comfortably. In addition, the electric beauty bed has a mediation function, which can adjust the height of the bed surface and the backrest according to demand.

Fumigation beauty bed. The fumigation beauty bed mainly accelerates the body's blood circulation and cell metabolism through warm stimulation. It is said to have the effect of eliminating fatigue and tension, as well as beauty detoxification and conditioning some diseases.

Folding beauty bed. This kind of beauty bed is more suitable for on-site service type beauty salons. It is convenient to carry and can be moved to the customer's home.

3. Material classification of beauty bed

Beauty bed can be divided into solid wood beauty bed, stainless steel beauty bed and iron frame beauty bed according to material. The iron frame of the general beauty bed is affordable and the cost performance is relatively high; the stainless steel beauty bed is more durable than the iron frame, and it is not easy to fade; the solid wood beauty bed generally appears in high-end beauty salons. High durability and relatively high-end. Beauty salons can purchase beauty beds suitable for requirements according to actual needs.