How To Choose A Pedicure Chair ?

1. Leather pedicure chair sofa: with natural pores and dermatoglyphics, it feels full, soft, and elastic. Identify the dermis: The dermis has obvious pores and dermatoglyphics, the same skin is irregular, and the fake skin has no pores, and the fake skin pores and dermatoglyphics are regular. Look at the unfolded part on the reverse side of the skin. If it is the base cloth, it must be fake leather. And the gloss of the genuine leather is soft, and the fake leather is brighter.
Yellow cowhide, with fine grain, fine and dense pores, small grain nipples, no obvious protrusions, except for some folds on the neck and abdomen, few folds on other parts. Press the skin with your fingertips, the dermis has fine wrinkles, and the fake skin has no wrinkles.

2. Fabric foot massage chair sofa: The cost of leather is too high. If the entire set of foot bath sofa is made of leather, the cost is higher. It is suitable for high-end consumer places or places with higher requirements.
Normal sauna foot bath club consumption place, suitable for the purchase of a fabric foot bath sofa, there are many types of fabrics, commonly used flocking, corduroy, cotton, and so on. Among them there are more choices of flannel.

3. Other fabric electric pedicure sofa: other fabrics such as PU Xipi, imitation leather, linen, etc., selected according to the store decoration style. Footbath sofa solidity: Use both hands to shake the whole foot bath sofa back and forth, back and forth, and shake it vigorously. If it feels better, the frame is firm.