How much do you know about saddle chairs?

The saddle chair is a kind of R & D experience. It is a unique two-flap cushion seat with a height between the sitting stations. It is the most natural stretch position of the human body. Sitting in the correct position can make people naturally straighten their backs. , The blood circulation is smoother, the design mimics the riding position, the height of half-standing and half-seat, and the design of the two-flap cushion, so that the user's blood circulation is smoother, the waist is naturally straight, and the health problems of sedentary people are improved, because There are not a few patients who benefit from waist disease. The high-quality uniform lifting pulley can sit smoothly for a whole day without being uncomfortable. It can effectively extend your career! Unique two-flap cushion seat, with the height between sitting and standing, is the most natural stretched position of the human body. Sitting in the saddle chair in the correct sitting position can naturally straighten the lower back, blood circulation is smoother, knee pressure is reduced, and errors are corrected Sitting position, so that you have a healthy body, so that you can focus on your work.

The important ergonomic theory of the saddle chair is to help the angle between the trunk and thighs maintain a 135 ° sitting position, to minimize the spine stretch, the compression and unevenness of the intervertebral discs. Current research suggests the healthiest sitting position. Compared with the traditional sitting posture, the "riding" sitting posture reduces the interference on the human body's metabolism, conforms to the principle of ergonomics, and minimizes the risk of physical illness. Improve spine and back health. The riding position can keep the lumbar spine in the correct position and help alleviate disc problems and back pain. This posture also helps to strengthen the back muscles. Sitting on a chair can easily turn your body and reach for objects without risk. The saddle chair is also a type of ergonomic computer chair. The saddle chair is an ergonomic chair that mimics the design of a saddle. The shape of the saddle is similar to a saddle, so it is called a saddle chair. The saddle chair was invented in the 1990s, and its design can help the back of the body naturally straighten, so the general saddle chair does not have a backrest and armrests.