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How much do you know about electric beauty bed?

Electric beauty bed is also called multi-functional electric beauty massage bed. It is very common in beauty salons, women's clubs, body massage clubs, and SPAs. Its unique structure design helps the beautician to perform corresponding operations.
The electric beauty bed is structurally added to the general beauty bed's bed frame, mattress, adjustment mechanism, headrest, bendable armrest, neck pillow and other electric adjustment functions, usually including height, backrest, legs and Face pillow support or support adjustment function.

1. Bed frame material: There are usually wooden frames and metal frames (iron frame, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.). Generally, the cost of wooden frames is relatively high.
2. Mattress material: The soft padding of the mattress usually uses two kinds of hard and soft sponges.
The mattress material (3 sheets) of the electric beauty bed guarantees the comfort of the bed without deformation and high resilience. At present, some new high-end electric beauty bed brands such as Zhuo Lie have begun to use ultra-soft thick silk sponges and water cushions, which can better fit different body shapes, reduce the pressure on guests' joints and muscles, and allow guests to enter a completely relaxed state.
3. Fabric: There are many leather materials, usually imitation leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, genuine leather, etc. Fabric fabrics can also be used.
The above is the introduction of electric beauty bed!