How Mole Remover Pen Works

Mole Remover Pen uses the principle of plasma heat effect to remove moles, mainly because the tip of the pen will generate high-temperature plasma when it comes into contact with the skin, thereby carbonizing the moles on the skin to achieve a complete removal effect. It is recommended to use a point mole pen to remove moles under the guidance of a professional beautician to prevent improper application.

First, the installation method of freckle pen needle
1. Insert the needle into the pen's head and turn it clockwise to tighten.
2. Turn it counterclockwise when not in use.
Second, the operation method of freckle pen
1. Alcohol wipes the needle and disinfects it, and alcohol cleans the skin at the site of operation.
2. Determine the gear position: remove the spots with small spots and small areas, use small gear operation.
For large spots with large areas, use large-scale operations. (Do not pierce skin
Mole pen effect It can quickly solidify the microvessels to prevent bleeding when carbonized to remove bad spots; it has strong sterilization effect, can remove bad spot bacteria so that it never recurs, but does not damage the surrounding skin dermal tissue; The oil film and the formation of the carbon scab automatically protect the wound from infection and promote the wound to heal quickly. It can be exposed to clean water on the same day (no chemicals such as facial cleanser and soap), and the carbon scab will naturally fall off in about a week.

Treatment range
It is widely used to remove pigmented nevus, skin tags, age spots, coffee spots, freckles, warts, warts, flat tumors, hemangioma and other bad skin spots. It can also be used to treat corns and external hemorrhoids.