How Mole Removal Pen Works

First, the installation method of freckle pen needle
1. Insert the needle into the pen's head and turn it clockwise to tighten. 2. Unscrew when not in use.
Second, freckle pen operation method 1. Alcohol wipe needle disinfection, alcohol to clean the skin of the operation site. 2. Determine the gear: Remove the spots with shallow spots and small areas, and use small gear operation. Larger areas with larger bad spots, use large-scale operations. (Do not pierce the skin)
Third, matters needing attention 1. For those who are sensitive to pain, use alcohol cotton to remove oil from the skin before removing it. 2. Apply the eyebrow eyebrow stabilizing cream on the skin to be operated, and cover it with plastic wrap. After 15-30 minutes, wipe off the anesthetic cream to remove the spots. 3. Can remove bad carbonized spots. When freckle, gently sweep back and forth at the spots. Carbonization should not stay in one place for too long, just sweep it down to avoid burning to the dermis. The dark spots near the eyes are recommended to be carbonized twice to ensure safety. When the speckle layer is thick, the tip of the pen is tilted, use small gear operation.

Fourth, remove areas of pigmentation (small area), fat granules, senile plaques, syringoma, prominent scars, pigmented nevus, flat warts, gardenia, corns, hyperplasia, scar repair, skin neoplasms, and also used to carbonize hemostasis.
How freckle works: Plasma skin freckle pen works similar to a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser beauty machine. It uses a new generation of high-efficiency conversion materials and chip-controlled low-temperature and high-frequency plasma micro-area discharge technology. When a quasi-contact state occurs between the head and the skin's bad spots, a high-temperature plasma of 2000 ° C can be generated in a few millimeters, and the plasma's thermal effect is used to carbonize the bad spots on the skin and make them disappear permanently. Plasma flame spraying is completely different from ordinary flames. When carbonizing and removing bad spots, it can quickly solidify microvessels so that they do not bleed. Tissues; also allow the skin to produce an oil film and form charcoal to automatically protect the wound from infection and promote rapid healing of the wound. You can contact clean water on the same day (chemicals such as face wash and soap are not available).
The above is how the mole removal pen works!