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Flushing Chinese Supermarket Reopens, Cash Register Sets Acrylic Table Top Plexiglass

Affected by the coronavirus epidemic, the supermarket operated by Chinese businessmen in Flushing, Queens, began to close for one month at the end of last month. The supermarket reopened on the 29th. The supermarket protects the safety of employees. The strengthening of epidemic prevention measures is almost the same as that of medical staff. Supermarket employees put on white protective clothing, with blue cross reflective strips on the front and back, and masks with transparent masks.
There is a plastic isolation board installed at the cash register, without direct contact with consumers to reduce the risk of infection. At the same time, many supermarkets simultaneously removed the enclosures of the epidemic prevention room at the supermarket doors and cabinet windows and reopened the business. Therefore, there was no queue to enter the city for shopping in Flushing Central District.

However, there is only one supermarket in Jinchengfa Supermarket on Katsina Avenue, a mile away from the Flushing Central Business District. The community is densely populated. Therefore, on the first day of the reopening, nearly 100 consumers of different ethnicities queued up.

The Flushing Central District City, which opened on the 29th, includes New World Mall Supermarkets, two Changfa Supermarkets on Main Street, and Sino-American Supermarkets on KISSENA BLVD. Only the Greater China Supermarket and Farmers Market have not yet reopened, Changjiang Supermarket has been restricting the flow of people by opening the door halfway.

It is known that another new Sino-US supermarket located on Main Street and Long Island Highway has removed all the hoardings and will reopen on the 30th. So far, at the end of last month, New York City implemented the "Home-Avoiding Epidemic" Closure Order, which did not close its doors, but several Chinese supermarkets that restricted the flow of people in accordance with the statutes replied that 95% of the Chinese supermarkets operated before the closure.

95% of Chinese supermarkets in Queens reopened and re-opened supermarkets with special emphasis on environmental safety and cleanliness. During the suspension of epidemic prevention, internal disinfection was conducted, business hours were adjusted, and employees put on protective clothing, face masks, and other high-security protection measures.

The reopened supermarket in Flushing's central area only opens part of the entrance and exit. The staff monitors the number of people at the door and reminds all consumers who enter the supermarket that they must wear masks and sterilize plastic gloves and cleaning fluid for free.

The industry pointed out that it is believed that the supermarket supply chain will gradually return to normal as the epidemic eases.

As some of the largest meat merchants in the United States have employees infected with new pneumonia, some factories have been shut down for disinfection, which has affected the shortage of pork supply or reduced supply in various parts of the United States. There are no pork outlets in Costco and other large retailers. Chinese supermarkets Before the anti-epidemic business of the supermarket was suspended, the pork shortage was reopened, and the pork department was crowded with a limited number of pork consumers.

Flushing supermarkets once disappeared without fish, and the fish and fish department supplies many varieties? The prices have not seen any increase. The price of vegetables is slightly higher than before the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia. The industry said that it is related to transportation costs. I believe it will return to normal soon.