Features And Functions Of Massage Bed

Features of massage bed function one :Shiatsu massage. Acupuncture the body's meridians and stimulate various receptors with the body's self-satisfaction, which can adjust the balance of yin and yang, the operation of qi and blood, and enhance the functions of the organs. Shiatsu medicine believes that diseases are caused by the inability to release energy and uneven energy. Shiatsu massage exerts pressure on body parts by using palms, thumbs, finger joints, elbows, knees, and even feet. They glide the meridian points and energy conduits to apply pressure to hundreds of acupuncture points and meridian points throughout the body. Shiatsu is not only safe, simple and effective, but also plays an important role in maintaining health, enhancing vitality and balancing qi and blood.

The characteristics of massage table function two C: spine correction. Through the spine area where human nerve cells and muscle cells are dense, through orderly massage, massage, and traction, it can quickly transmit heat energy deep in the body, and at the same time combine light and heat, photochemical and other functions to soften tissue Traction to correct the spine. The orthopedics of Western medicine orthopedics believe that human beings in the long-term working life, due to bad life
The working method causes damage to the human spine, causing the spine to skew and shift, thereby causing different degrees of compression of the spinal nerve tissue, destroying the normal working function of the nerve, and reducing the ability of the nerve tissue to adjust the physiological functions of the human body. , Thereby causing the decline of the body's natural immunity, which eventually leads to the occurrence of various diseases of the body. Therefore, unhealthy spine is a major source of various diseases in the human body.

The massage bed features three functions: warming and applying heat. It can enhance the energy of white blood cell movement, so as to strengthen the sterilization function, promote the metabolism of adrenal cortex, enhance the inflammation function and immune ability. Heat is a type of physical energy. The use of thermal energy to transform energy on organisms is the most commonly used method in physical therapy. It is a measure of the meridians, acupuncture points, and pain areas on the surface of the human body.
A certain degree of stimulation, giving meridian warm breath, smooth blood circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.

Features of massage bed function four: massage massage. For specific parts of the human body (meridian, acupuncture points, nerves), dredge the meridians, regulate nerves, and eliminate pain.

Features of massage bed function five: beauty and body. It refers to perfecting the body's posture through various massage methods, making the body beautiful and sexy, and achieving beautiful skin, face thinning, lifting, slimming and other effects.