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The Introduction of Three Common Electric Massage Beds

An electric massage bed is a kind of massage beauty bed with an electric adjustment function. Massage technicians can control the rise and fall of the electric massage beauty bed by wire control, remote control, or electric foot button, or adjust the rise and fall of the back and legs of the massage bed. There are many kinds of electric beauty facial beds, including those with head up and down, those with massage and electric heating functions, and the bed body can be changed into various shapes according to the user's requirements. Different kinds and functions of electric massage beds with a roller are used in different places. What is the function of the beauty bed? Does the electric body massage bed have side effects? The following is a brief introduction to several popular electric massage beds in the market.

Common types of the electric massage bed

1. Simple electric massage bed

In the design, it is based on the principle of human body engineering and then adjusted to S-shape electrically. Whether it is lying or sitting, it is very comfortable. The bed body is mostly solid wood, and the storage space under it can put all kinds of daily necessities. Hotels, beauty salons, and so on are applicable.

2. Lifting electric massage bed

Its armrest rises or falls with the backrest. The whole body can be turned into a massage bed. After it is erected, its legs will be folded up, and then it can be turned into a seat. It is practical and simple. The adjustable massage table is commonly used in hospitals, physiotherapy centers, and other places. Below is our lifting electric beauty bed from Dongpin.

3. Multi-functional electric massage bed

It is more suitable for family use. The home massage table mainly relies on the back to achieve up and down lifting. It also has the operation of adjusting the electric handle, which can massage the human body from the top to the bottom, and it is a comprehensive massage, with a certain health care effect.

The electric massage bed is generally used in health clubs, spa, clinic, beauty salon, and other places. The bed has a special structure design, which can play an auxiliary role in the process of massage. The adjustment of body angle and orientation can more freely cooperate with the operation of technology. Meanwhile, the electric massage bed can massage the muscles of the human body and eliminate fatigue. As for the side effect of the electric massage bed, there is nonsense: just sleeping in the bed and make a simple massage. How could there be side effects? People totally don't worry about it! In addition, we have other types of beauty equipment for sale, you can also contact us to buy them.

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