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Do you know what three common electric massage devices are?

Electric massage bed is a kind of massage bed with electric adjustment function. There are many kinds of it, there are heads that can be raised and lowered, some have their own massage and electric heating functions, and the bed can be changed into various shapes according to user requirements. Different. The following is a brief introduction to some of the more common electric massage beds currently on the market.

1. Simple electric massage bed

Simple electric massage bed

The main function of this electric massage bed is that the mattress can be electrically adjusted to S shape according to ergonomics. It is comfortable to sit and lie down. The bed body is solid wood. The locker below can store various daily necessities. It is suitable for various spa clubs and hotels. , Beauty salons and other places.

2. the whole can be lifted electric massage bed

Integral liftable electric massage bed

This kind of electric massage bed is similar to the function of the multifunctional sofa produced by Xuanyi Furniture. That is, the armrest and the backrest are raised and lowered together to become a massage bed. After standing up, the legs are retracted and they can become a seat. ,Convenient and practical. This electric massage bed is used in beauty salons, hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy halls and other places.

3. Multifunctional electric massage bed

Multifunctional electric massage bed

The multifunctional electric massage bed is generally suitable for home use. The backrest can be raised and lowered. By adjusting the electric handle, it can automatically massage the human body from top to bottom. The head of the massager is made of jade material, which is an ideal physiotherapy and health care product.