• Happy Chinese New Year 2021

    Chinese New Year is here! New Year is a traditional Chinese holiday, so all employees of the company have a 14-day holiday. On the occasion of this new year, on behalf of all DongPin employees, I wish you all: The Year of the Ox is healthy, happy and wealthy! World…
  • Six Benefits of Using Pipeless Pedicure Chair

    Do you run a beauty salon or a clinic or a spa? Are you considering replacing your existing lineup of pedicure spa chair and equipped with a new well-balanced one? Or maybe you first move into the business mentioned above, and look for the opportunity of success? At any rate,…
  • Looking for the expert massage table supplier?

    If you are considering opening a massage therapy clinic or offering this service at your existing clinic or beauty salon, the massage therapy bed you choose is incredibly important, not only for you but also for your customers. However, the market is overwhelmed by the massage table suppliers and massage…
  • 12 Guides for Your Salon to Buy the Best Pedicure Chairs

    The beauty salon is a newly rising business nowadays and it’s a perfect place for people to relax their mind, body, and soul. There are a variety of services for a salon to provide and pedicure service is one of these impeccable services for customers to soothe their body. Das…
  • Guidelines for matching beauty furniture in beauty clubs

    Guidelines for matching beauty furniture in beauty clubs! With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the concept of consumption is also changing. More and more people are willing to spend a lot of time and money to dress, and the beauty industry is also booming. At present, all kinds…
  • Neuankömmling: Shampoo Massagebett

    Obwohl die Leistung der Untergesundheit komplex und vielfältig ist, Die typischste und häufigste Leistung ist Müdigkeit. Mit dem Aufkommen verschiedener funktioneller Massagegeräte, wie Massagestühle, Massage Shampoobetten,und andere Produkte, Der Effekt der Druckentlastung und der Ermüdung ist bemerkenswert. DP-501 Shampoo Massagestuhl ist…
  • Facing the huge beauty nail market, how to stand out from the numerous nail salons?

    Nail Art ist eine trendige Kunst in der Schönheitsindustrie. No matter what style of clothes you wear and what kind of make-up you wear, matching with a proper manicure will always make you more brilliant. People's life is more and more exquisite in modern society. Like now everyone…
  • The Final Overseas Clearance Event of Electric Massage Beauty Bed in July!!

    When we get off work and drag our tired body back home, we will think of massage to relax and relieve fatigue. At this time, an electric massage bed can help you realize your wish, it can not only relieve your fatigue but also let you have a relaxed and…
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