Benefits Of Multiple Massages

The ears are in close contact with many parts of the body, such as bones, meridians, blood, and kidneys. If a lesion occurs in a certain position in the body, the ears can respond in a timely and effective manner. How to massage the ears frequently to stimulate acupuncture points, promote blood circulation, etc. It also has a very good health care effect on the parts of the body, and ultimately achieves the purpose of prolonging life. Let's take a look.

1 Rejuvenate and enhance your memory
Cover the ears tightly with both hands, then place the middle finger on the pillow of the ear, and put the index finger on top of the middle finger, and then slide the index finger to rhythmically tap the pillow, about sixteen times. Then don't move the finger on the pillow, and then loosen and cover your ears quickly and rhythmically, about four or six times. This method can effectively eliminate the feeling of physical fatigue, serve the purpose of benefiting the brain and clearing the mind, and at the same time can also improve memory and hearing, and have a good therapeutic effect for some cases of tinnitus and deafness.

2 Improve hearing
Close your mouth tightly, then place the index fingers of both hands in the external auditory meatus opening next to your ears, gently turn it about five times, then turn it in the opposite direction for about three or four seconds and then suddenly release both hands, this action every day Three times. This method of ear massage can play a role in treating tinnitus and deafness. Long-term adherence to hearing will also get better and better.

3 Prevention of deafness
Place both palms on the ears, then massage the ear shells sixteen times in a clockwise direction, and then sixteen times in a counterclockwise direction. This method can effectively promote blood circulation in the face and ear position, and has a good preventive effect on deafness.

Pinch the middle and upper part of the ear wheel and the earlobe position with the fingers of both hands, and then pull in four directions, controlling the number of times to sixteen. This method has the effect of health care, and the effect of wrinkle removal and other beauty treatments is not bad. If the child is frightened, this method can also calm the child quickly. It should be noted that the lifting force of this method can not be too large, just moderate.

5 Improve hearing to remove wrinkles
Put the middle and index fingers of the two hands on the front and back of the ear root, and then massage the ear root back and forth, which can play a cosmetic effect such as wrinkle removal, as well as the effect of the ear.

6 Antifreeze
Using your index finger and thumb on the front and back, knead eight times from top to bottom along with the position of the rear wheel, and then knead from bottom to top to prevent frostbite in the ear, and the hearing will also get better.

7 Promote blood circulation
Massage can enhance the circulation of blood and lymph in the body. When you massage your ears, the skin will become flushed, so that the surface temperature will increase and the capillaries will expand, so that the blood lymphatic circulation speed will be greatly accelerated, resulting in enhanced blood and lymphatic circulation.

8 dredge meridians
Through various massage techniques, the dislocation of some joints on the ear can be treated, and the situation of staggered bone can be restored, and the soft tissue tearing problem can also be aligned. Even, the various conditions caused by the hematoma can be cleared, and the damaged cells in the ears and the body can be recovered. Nerve excitement can be promoted by massaging ears. For some diseases such as low back pain, pain and various neurasthenia, it can be effectively adjusted to maintain a balanced body and promote good health.

9 Enhance body immunity
According to some data, after massaging both ears for about ten minutes, the number of white blood cells in the body of China will increase, and phagocytic cells and antibodies will also increase greatly. This means that massaging parts of the body can not only promote blood circulation but also improve the body's disease resistance and effectively promote health.

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