Beauty Stool Introduction

Beauty stool, also known as the salon saddle stool, hairdresser chair, etc., usually refers to the chair used by hairdressers during hair cutting in beauty shops, hair salons, and other places.

Beauty stool is a chair tailored for beauticians, which helps reduce the fatigue of beauticians during the operation and facilitate the corresponding operation.
Because of the needs of work, beauticians need to stand for long-term beauty and other operations. Beauty stool allows beauticians to sit and work, and it can also make the body balanced and relaxed.

Features of beauty stool
An important feature of the beauty stool is its ability to lift and rotate. It uses a hydraulic pump (also called the hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder). Under normal circumstances, the height can be adjusted within a certain range by adjusting the control lever. It is convenient for hairdressers to operate at different heights.

Another important feature of the Dagong chair is that it is equipped with rollers to facilitate the movement of the beauty stool. Because there will be a lot of hair on the ground in the work place of the hair salon, it is easy to wrap around the roller and cause the roller to malfunction. Some high-end master chairs will have a special design on the roller to avoid the tangling of hair or to facilitate the hair Clean up.

Structure and materials editing
Dagong chair is generally composed of three parts: cushion, bracket, and base (including roller).
The seat cushion of the Dagong chair is generally made of PU leather and sponge. Some high-end products such as famous craftsmen and Zhuo Lie use microfiber leather and high-quality sponge and imported silicone rubber. The sitting feel is more comfortable and more durable.
Most domestic work chairs use plastic or iron as the base and bracket, and some mid-range products use stainless steel. The high-end ones are represented by famous craftsmen and Zhuo Lie. The all-aluminum alloy bracket is not easy to fade and oxidize. It is also lighter in weight.