Beauty bed introduction

The beauty bed is a bed with the help of beauty and body. It can be adjusted in different orientations and angles to facilitate the work of a beautician. It is suitable for beauty salons, massage parlors, clubs and other places. The encyclopedia will systematically elaborate on the beauty bed size, beauty bed pictures and prices, beauty bed purchase, beauty bed classification and other aspects.

Beauty bed structure
Beauty bed bed frame structure
Generally, there are wooden frames, iron frames, plastic sprayed frames, stainless steel frames, and aluminum alloy frames. Generally, the cost of wooden frames is relatively high, followed by aluminum alloy and stainless steel frames. The iron frame is relatively affordable and the fastness is reliable. The disadvantage is that after a long time, the paint will fall off and the interface will be glued. Stainless steel racks are recommended for places such as bath rubs or water beds, even if the water content is high and the humidity is high, it is not easy to rust. The iron frame sprayed plastic looks very smooth, it is not easy to rust, and it is easy to weld into strong, but it is not as rust resistant as stainless steel in too wet places. The beauty bed of solid wood bed frame is also more reliable and gives a higher grade, but because of the higher cost, the price is also higher.

Soft bed structure of beauty bed
The filling in the soft bag is usually matched with two kinds of hard and soft sponges to ensure a certain degree of comfort and also ensure the non-deformation and high resilience of the bed. The fabrics are based on leather materials, usually imitation leather, PU leather, microfiber leather, genuine leather, etc. Fabric fabrics can also be used.

Beauty bed classification
Electric beauty bed: 1. Comfortable and delicate; 2. High-density sponge with moderate elasticity, comfortable; 3. Adjustment function: bed height, backrest, legs (can be used in the office or with family)

Folding beauty bed: It is more suitable for people who like to go out and travel. It is convenient to carry out and can also be used as a recliner.