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  • New arrival: shampoo massage bed

    Although the performance of sub-health is complex and diverse, its most typical and most common performance is fatigue. With the emergence of various functional massage equipment, such as massage chairs, massage shampoo beds,and other products, the effect of relieving pressure and relieving fatigue is remarkable. DP-501 Shampoo massage chair is…
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  • Facing the huge beauty nail market, how to stand out from the numerous nail salons?

    Nail art has been a trendy art in the beauty industry. No matter what style of clothes you wear and what kind of make-up you wear, matching with a proper manicure will always make you more brilliant. People's life is more and more exquisite in modern society. Like now everyone…
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  • The Final Overseas Clearance Event of Electric Massage Beauty Bed in July!!

    When we get off work and drag our tired body back home, we will think of massage to relax and relieve fatigue. At this time, an electric massage bed can help you realize your wish, it can not only relieve your fatigue but also let you have a relaxed and…
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  • Portable Massage Bed for Sale: U.S. Warehouse Delivery, Clearance Sale, Enjoy 50% OFF !

    The final clearance sale of a portable massage bed is coming. From 1st July to 31st July, you will enjoy up to 50% off the original price on selected best-selling combination items of the portable folding massage table and related salon furniture. And the promotional products will be shipped from our…
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