Are Freckles Useful?

The freckle pen uses a physical plasma micro-discharge technology, which can gasify (bad) the skin's bad spots in a few milliseconds and make it disappear permanently, without bleeding, no anaesthetic, automatic disinfection, no damage to the dermal tissue, minimally invasive operation . It can remove the bad spots on the skin surface in the same way as the carbon dioxide laser beauty machine currently used in beauty salons and hospitals. But are there any good freckle pens? Is it harmful?
Does freckle pen work?
The freckle remover has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient carrying, safety and reliability, no maintenance and no consumables. It can effectively remove pigment nevus, age spots, warts, monkeys, etc., and is suitable for outdoor work. Wound treatment.

How freckle pen works
The low-temperature and high-frequency plasma controlled by the chip can instantly generate a temperature of 2000 degrees or more on the bad spots on the epidermis to carbonize and gasify the cells, and the bad spots on the surface layer of the skin can be completely removed in an instant. Eliminate all virus bacteria, so it has the function of automatic disinfection.
Freckle removal pen operation method
1. Charge the tail charging hole of the spot-removing pen through the charger for about 3 hours, and then unplug the charger;
2. Check the head into the tungsten steel needle tip;
3. Set the power switch of the spot-removing pen to the position of 1 or 2 small, and the white light on the pointed part will light at the same time;
4. Point the tip of the needle against the bad spot and press the button;
5. Move the tip of the needle closer to the spot to see the sparks. Note that you only scan and burn around the spot on the epidermis. Unless you have already experienced for the first time, do not burn too deep, so as not to burn the dermis and produce scars;
6. The operator must have medical knowledge, otherwise it must be operated by a professional doctor, and the special sensitive moles or spots must be determined by the doctor.
7. The spot-removing pen is suitable for personal skin use. If multiple people use it, the needle of the pen must be disinfected until it is qualified before use.
Can Freckle Remover Remove Freckles
If you want to completely remove freckles, you must remove freckles, blur freckles, and clear freckles. All of them are separated by freckle separation technology to remove freckles completely!
Precautions for use of freckle pen
1. For those who are sensitive to pain, remove the oil on the skin with alcohol cotton before removing it.
2. Apply tattoo cream, eyebrow and eye-stabilizing cream to the skin to be operated, cover with plastic wrap, and wipe away the anesthesia cream after 15-30 minutes to start removing spots.
3, can remove bad carbonation spots, freckle gently sweep back and forth at the spot. Carbonization should not stay in one place for too long, just sweep it down to avoid burning to the dermis. The dark spots near the eyes are recommended to be carbonized twice to ensure safety. When the speckle layer is thick, the tip of the pen is tilted, use small gear operation.