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Wholesale Custom Made Acrylic Sneeze Guard & Plexiglass Shields!

China Factory wholesales custom made Acrylic Sneeze Guard & Plexiglass Shield! Plexiglass shields, also referred to as a “sneeze guard”, is the ideal way to protect people from the rapid spread of airborne bacterial germs caused by sneezing and coughing. These transparent plexiglass cashier shields act as a physical barrier and help to maintain social distance. It can be installed on the checkout counter of the store, POS checkout area, countertop, canteen, salon nail desk or customer service counter,etc.

These Acrylic Sneeze Guards & Plexiglass Shields are offered with a convenient through-hole cutout, as a passageway for goods and payment, and fit most business environment including retail, grocery, financial institutions, beauty salon or general business offices. They are durable, light weight, easy to install and clean, and clear sight lines. These protective plexiglass shields can virtually be used anywhere.

Acrylic Sneeze Guard & Plexiglass Shield is for customized size!!! Factory Direct sales Service! Fast Shipping!!! Come and Provide both your customers and staff with peace of mind by taking the necessary steps in safeguarding them from the virus spread with this essential product.


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