March 2020

  • Complete range of salon equipment at affordable rates

    Best massage tables, Portable massage table, tattoo beauty chairs If you intend to purchase quality items for your salon, we have a complete variety for you. We have been producing and exporting a wide range of salon items since 2002 and sending them out in China's local market and the…
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  • Why You Need The best Electric Facial Bed ODM Companies?

    Beauty trolley, Electric facial bed The beauty care industry is booming s more and more people are becoming aware of the growing industry and the best part is that there are innovations that are driving the growth and you as a company can have the best equipment and tools to…
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  • How To Select The Best Range of Salon Supplies

    Medical Procedure Chair, Pedicure Spa Chair, Electric Beauty Bed You would not be capable of efficaciously run an excellent salon status quo without the right closing salon resources truly within grasp. A long time ago, you'd have to seek advice from professionals within the field or constantly go to different…
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  • DP Beauty Supplier Offer Exclusive Range Of Portable Beds

    Portable massage table, Nail tech table, Electric Beauty Bed Summary: The following press release provides brief information about a leading company which offer customized beds and massagers for saloon and spa., DP Beauty Supplier is one of the leading manufacturers of spa furniture in India. Combining innovation, expertise and the…
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